10 Reasons to Travel Europe in Winter

10 reason to travel europe in winter, 10 reasons to visit europe in winter

I've travelled to Europe in winter twice now, and loved both times a lot. While a European summer holiday is some people's idea of fun, I'm a big fan of visiting in winter. Apart from not being a summer kind of person, there's also a bunch of advantages to travelling Europe in winter.

1. Everything is cheaper

It's winter so there's much less people (spoiler alert for number 2), which means your airfares, accommodation and even tourist attractions are cheaper. You can save a lot of money by travelling in winter in Europe.

2. Less crowds

Winter is the low season for tourist destinations, as it is in Europe. You'll be able to walk around usually bursting cities a bit easier, and be able to enjoy the cities a bit more, without all the people. Lines for tourist attractions are also a lot shorter.

3. Amazing winter landscapes

Can I just write snow in this section and be done with it? European towns and cities are transformed into gorgeous winter wonderlands in winter.

4. Christmas Markets

I'm from Australia so our idea of Christmas is a hot sunny day, unfortunately we don't get to experience Christmas markets like in Europe. This one is a complete novelty if you're from Australia.

5. Atmosphere

The cities are all bundled up against the cold weather, but is there anything more cosy than spending the afternoon in a pub by an open fire drinking some mulled wine? Or wandering around a city dressed up in Christmas decorations and lights?

6. Rugging up in coats and beanies

Yes it's cold, and if you're from Australia you'll probably never have experienced this level of cold before. But hey, it finally gives you a chance to rug up in a warm coat, scarves, beanies and probably the entire contents of your suitcase. Winter fashion is my favourite.

7. Ice skating

I spent one of my favourite nights ever, ice skating around a rink in Vienna. It was a gorgeous rink that snaked its way around a park, all dressed up in fairy lights. Ice skating in a European city in winter, can be an amazing experience.

8. Museums

When it's hot outside you don't really want to spend it indoors. Winter is the perfect time to visit all those museums that are on your European bucket list. The lines are shorter as well.

9. Christmas Decorations

So you've got snow, warm afternoons by a fire and Christmas decorations around the cities. It's a magical time to travel around.

10. Food & Drink

Mulled wine, mulled cider, hot pub food, Christmas market treats. Winter definitely brings the goods in the food and drink department.

What are your favourite reasons for travelling Europe in winter?

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