2 June 2017

Winter Fashion Wishlist

winter fashion wishlist, grey turtle neck, black turtle neck, grey coat, embroidered jacket, suede jacket, embroidered boots

As you can tell from my winter wishlist, my outfits in winter mainly consist of Turtle neck jumpers, jackets or coats, cute boots and jeans (not pictured because jeans are jeans). At the moment I'm a poor student but uni is almost finished so my bank account should go up once I can work more, and these are the items I'm going shopping for.

Turtle Necks are a must for my winter wardrobe as they cover my neck completely, which is awesome because I hate wearing scarves. They are also super comfortable and can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.

Jackets and coats, especially coats are a must have for winter in Melbourne. Jackets are good for a more casual day layered over a jumper, and I love wearing coats to work or more dressed up days. Because they're longer they also keep me warmer.

Boots, boots and more boots, this is what my current footwear situation looks like. I wear ankle boots all year round so I have a few pairs. I'd love to add a more intricate pair to my collection like the ones above, right now I mostly own a lot of black ankle boots.

What's on your winter wishlist?

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