28 May 2017

5 Favourite Winter Lipsticks

Yes I know it says 5 in the title, but I couldn't resist adding in one extra. What can I say, winter is my favourite time to wear lipstick. So here are my top 5 or 6 favourite winter lipsticks.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry: I bought this in Covent Garden in London so it's extra special to me, and I just love it. You can wear it sheered out or, like me, layer it on for a super vampy lip. All of these lipsticks, except MAC Rebel are matte, so they are super long wearing and can sometimes be a bit drying by the end of the day, but it comes with the territory. I love them all and wear them all a lot.

2. MAC Rebel: If you want a berry lip, that's super comfortable to wear but long wearing then this is for you. The colour is gorgeous, not as vampy as Glastonberry but you still get that rich berry lip for winter.

3. Rimmel 107: This colour is raved about on Youtube and one day I finally pickup it up. I'd been searching for a red like this for ages. It's so bright and wears really well for a red lipstick. It's also very inexpensive for how awesome it is.

4. Maybelline Touch of Spice: The only lipstick in this post that isn't from the purple or red family. This is my everyday lipstick. It's a browny, neutral colour, I really don't describe it very well because how it looks in the tube and swatched, and then on my lips is different. Just trust me it's the perfect colour for an everyday lip for winter.

5. Maybelline Berry Much: Now onto the lip pencils, I have two. The first one being Berry Much from Maybelline. This one is super dark like Glastonberry, but a bit more purple. Looking at the swatches they look the same, but Berry Much is much creamier than Glastonberry and lasts a bit longer as well. Plus it's much more inexpensive, but gives you the same look.

6. Nars Damned: OMG! I love these lip pencils. I'm definitely going to be adding a red to my collection in the near future, because it's the most comfortable lip pencil or lipstick I've ever worn, that still has amazing staying power. They feel like nothing on the lips or at least super velvety. This one can be worn more sheer, or layered up for a beautiful berry lip.

What are your favourite winter lipsticks?


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