Best Shoes For Travel

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Shoes to me are one of the most important items I bring when I travel. If I'm not comfortable when I'm travelling or walking around cities all day, then I'm not going to have much fun. The maximum amount of shoes I bring is usually three, depending on where I'm going and what the climate is going to be like. Apart from the shoes above, I also usually bring a pair of heeled ankle boots for going out, but that really depends on what you're going to be doing on your trip, as to whether you bring something like that.

Best Shoes for Travel

Apart from a pair of sandals, if the weather is going to be warm, I always bring a pair of thongs (flip flops/jandles if you're outside Australia). They come in handy for any dodgy looking showers or just a super casual pair of footwear. For a pair of super comfortable sandles, I love my Birkenstocks. I have the Florida's with the three straps because my feet are extremely small, but the Arizona's are by far the most popular Birkenstocks. They're comfortable and go with everything.

Walking Shoes or Sneakers
When I'm travelling I like to still look fashionable and put together. If the situation doesn't need it I'm not going to be wearing a pair of specialised travel shoes, because they're just not my style. Converse or Adidas Superstars are both really comfortable pairs of shoes that can be walked in all day and not become uncomfortable, but still look fashionable and don't scream tourist.

Combat Boots
If the weather is going to be cold and rainy then I'm going to bring a pair of combat boots on my travels. Combat boots like all my other favourite shoes for travel are comfortable, and they'll also keep your feet warm and dry. Both the Timberland boots and the Steve Madden Troopa boots are comfortable and the Timberland's are also waterproof. Perfect for super rainy or snowy areas.


  1. When I go to the beach, I choose sandals. When I have to walk a lot, I choose casual shoes like Converse, Adidas star. Every pair of shoes usually has its own uses.

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