23 January 2017

10 Wardrobe Staples

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For a long time I used to just buy clothes whenever I wanted. I didn't have a reason to buy them I just wanted a piece of clothing so I bought it. But over the past year my wardrobe has become much more thought out and there aren't pieces of clothing sitting in there anymore which haven't been worn. The items listed above are all items I have in my wardrobe and that will see me through most of the year. There are others of course, but the foundation of my wardrobe is based on the pieces above.

10 Wardrobe Staples

Basic T-Shirt 
A T-Shirt should be in everything wardrobe. I have my favourite in black, white and grey to cover all my bases. They're comfortable, go with everything and can tone down any piece of clothing. I wear mine with everything from maxi skirts to jeans.

I live in Melbourne so to survive winter I need knitwear. I have 5 or 6 knits that get me through winter, in a variety of colours and styles. They too can be paired with almost every item of clothing. Knitwear is practical whilst also making every outfit look put together.

Well this really is a no brainer. Jeans go with everything and everyone should find their brand that they love. For me it's the American Eagle high rise jegging, find the right brand for you and jeans are a life saver.

Maxi Skirt
My love of maxi skirts has been made clear here and here. They're comfortable and perfect for the summer heat. They also give off that great bohemian vibe and I pair mine mostly with t-shirts. When it gets cooler you can start wearing your knits with maxi skirts as well.

Denim Skirt
The denim skirt has been quite popular this summer, with so many different styles and colours. Like jeans, a denim skirt will go with everything. Pair it with a t-shirt and Adidas Superstars and you're ready for the day.

Denim Jacket
I like denim jackets for those in-between months, between the hot and cold seasons. They're light weight but keep you warm, and are very versatile. At the moment I love pairing mine with a maxi skirt and a t-shirt on a cooler day.

Leather Jacket
To me a jacket pulls an outfit together, which is why I have so many in this list and my wardrobe. A leather jacket will give your outfit some edge, and is a bit more dressed up for nights out to dinner or drinks.

If you live in a cold climate, like Melbourne you're going to need a coat or a very thick jacket. The one above is from Topshop, and I can't wait to get my hands on it or something similar when winter rolls around. A coat is a practical piece of clothing, and is worn a lot in winter, so it's important to get one that is very versatile and goes with most items in your wardrobe.

Adidas Superstars
These sneakers carried me around Great Britain and Ireland last winter, so I know they're comfortable. They're also a pair of effortlessly cool shoes. They go with everything, they're comfortable and you'll get a ton of wear out of them. Pair them with jeans and a knit in winter, or a maxi skirt and t-shirt in summer.

Ankle Boots
Ankle boots are the shoes I wear when I want to look less casual, but still comfortable. I wear them at work all the time and in winter they're on high rotation. Pick a pair with a heel that isn't super high, so you can wear them for a long period of time. Ankle boots look great with a pair of jeans, a knit and a coat in winter.

10 Wardrobe Staples


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