4 November 2016

My Two Favourite Cookbooks

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Anyone who knows me, knows I hate cooking. Every time I've tried to cook something, something goes wrong and I end up crying. Until now that is. I mostly eat a plant based diet and the one thing I find difficult is finding recipe books that are easy to follow, don't have crazy ingredients and don't have any recipes with meat. That is until I found Deliciously Ella's cookbooks. 

Cooking for me needs to be no fuss. I also need to be able to find the ingredients at my local supermarket and easily prepare those ingredients without fancy machines. I love these cookbooks for their simplicity and for someone who hates cooking that is really important. Without fail every week I have made a recipe from one of these cookbooks for my family, I've never had any issues and my family loves the fresh and wholesome food I'm making. 

If you're like me, not a big meat eater, hates (or even is a little scared) of cooking and wants to make simple but delicious food have a look at these cookbooks. They've definitely made me love cooking again.