18 December 2015

Updated Skincare Routine - Oily/Combination Skin

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I knew I had to update my skincare routine when a lovely (not being sarcastic, she was lovely), sales associate at Bobbi Brown told me I had dehydrated skin. For years I have layered on products with salicylic acid to treat blemishes and then there was the usual not drinking enough water. Well in the end my skin looked parched and in desperate need of hydration. So in comes my updated skincare routine for my oily/combination but very dehydrated skin.

Step 1: I have dabbled in different cleanse off oils but I always go back to the MAC Cleanse Off Oil to remove my makeup every night. I wear waterproof mascara and this is the only cleansing oil I have found to really remove all of my mascara.

Step 2: When I went to change up my skincare routine my cleanser was the first to go. I have heard rave reviews about the Philosophy Purity Cleanser for years and it looks oh so hydrating so I decided to give it a go. I'm in love! If only you could get the 1litre size with pump in Australia. It not only cleanses my face without striping it, but it also removes any excess makeup left on my face after using the MAC Cleanse Off Oil. 

Step 3: I don't always do this step, only if my skin is being particularly bad or I just need to refresh my skin. I've used the Lush Tea Tree Water for years. It doesn't contain alcohol and the ingredients work really well to help out blemish prone skin. I'll continue to repurchase this for years.

Step 4: I have used many different eye creams over the years and this one I have to say, is my favourite. It's also more expensive so that sucks. The Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream is just that, super hydrating. It sinks in easily, creating a nice even base for makeup and has definitely decreased the look of dehydration (fine lines) around my eyes. 

Step 5: Instead of now attacking my skin with moisturisers with salicylic acid in them, I use the beautiful Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel. I thought a product like this would cause my skin to look oily, but the gel formula is perfect for my skin and provides amazing hydration. My skin is definitely looking much less dehydrated and is so smooth after using this moisturiser. 

I hope this helps anyone out there currently struggling with combination and dehydrated skin. Let me know in the comments if anyone has any favourite exfoliators. 

Brie x

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