1 July 2015

3 Year Blogiversary - Favourite Posts

I started my blog at the start of July in 2012, and as such, this blog will be 3 years old this July. As I come back from my very unofficial blogging hiatus, I thought I'd do a round up of some of my most popular and favourite posts from my 3 years of blogging.

My Updated Sweat Proof Summer Makeup post quickly became my most one of my most popular posts in January and February of 2014. I had a huge soar in traffic and I know why. As someone with oily skin who used to live in a very humid climate, figuring out how to keep your makeup sweat free is very important. This post still rings true today, and I still use all these products. I have updated the powder to the Maybelline Matte Maker as the old one is discontinued, but other than that I still love all these products for their ability to stay on my face, even in the hottest weather.
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At the start of this year I spent 5 weeks travelling around Europe in my Steve Madden Troopa combat boots. Seriously. I wore them everywhere, everyday for 5 weeks, so it's very clear I love them and still wear them at much as I can. I wear them with jeans, leggings, dresses and shorts. For some outfit inspiration for your combat boots, this is the post for you.
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Florals and combat boots, in my eyes, could never steer wrong. I love mixing feminine with a bit of edge. Add a long gold necklace and this is a perfect outfit for a day of running errands, going to uni or catching up with friends.
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One of my favourite outfits for a laid back winter day. Combat boots, jeans, a floral top and comfy cardigan. Perfect for autumn or spring, running errands or going to uni for the day. I love adding a tan/brown bag to an outfit like this one to add to a more relaxed look.
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This outfit is for when I want to dress up a little bit for dinner or going out for drinks. Jeans are a staple in my wardrobe, as is lace and a leather jacket so this outfit definitely gives you a sum up of my wardrobe. Add a cute pair of booties and you're off.
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Brie x

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