18 May 2015

Winter Wishlist

Since I got back from Europe spending has been on a bit of a hold. I have a slight debt to pay back to my parents, so most of my pay has been going to them. But my birthday is coming up and a girls got to spoil herself sometimes. So here's what I'm lusting over for when I do break and go on that spending spree. 

1. Clothes: As winter is fast approaching, especially in Melbourne, I am in desperate need of some new knits. Forever New is definitely my go to place for knits, they have a huge variety and they're gorgeous. 

2. Gym Clothes: After my previously mentioned trip to Europe I may have put on some extra kilos, so the gym seems to be my second home at the moment. I am in serious need of new gym clothes because I am getting sick of constantly doing laundry. 

3. Planner: I have recently discovered planning videos on youtube. I didn't even know such a thing existed, and now I want in on that. I'm a naturally very organised person so this gorgeous Kikki-K planner, in my favourite colour no less, is definitely on my wishlist.

4. Boots: I did recently buy a new pair of ankle boots, but I live in Melbourne and sometimes, actually a lot of the time, I need a nice high pair of riding boots to keep my legs warm. I'm in love with Betts boots at the moment, so I'll definitely be hitting them up soon.

Brie x


  1. I love buying new gym clothes, although more because they are comfy as hell, as opposed to actually good for working out haha ;)
    Also loving the black dress!
    Caitie x

    1. I hear your about them being comfy...sometimes I think I wear them more out of the gym than I do in the gym.
      Thanks for your comment x


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