24 February 2014

University Student Essentials

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I head back to uni for my final semester (OMG!) in a week and I'm actually excited. This will be my final semester in my four year degree so I've been around the block. Over my time at uni I've got five items that, to me, are essentials for surviving university. So here they are and why I think they're essentials for all university students.

Printer: I went without a printer for 2 years because my old one broke and I thought I could survive with just printing everything out at uni. I was wrong it's annoying to have to go to uni every time you want to print something. Printers are very inexpensive now and really having one in your apartment or dorm room just makes life easier.

Diary/Planner: With uni classes, assessments, work and life in general trying to remember everything just won't work. My diary/planner is a must. It keeps me organised, allows me to make sure everything happens on time and it helps me to make the most out of my days. I can easily see when I have time available for assessments or working out, and allows me to fit everything in. I recently got the one above from Kikki K for myself and it's perfect for my soon to be busy schedule.

Big Tote Bag: When you're a university student or a full time worker, you need a big enough bag to carry everything around. From your laptop or tablet, to books and all your stuff in between a big bag is a must for uni. Colette by Colette Hayman has many great tote bags for reasonable prices perfect for uni students.

Umbrella: Now let me tell you a funny story. I once went to uni without an umbrella, it rained, I got soaked and ended up running under a random boys umbrella. Yes, I did that. You never know when it's going to rain, and if you're either walking to uni, like I do, or just walking around uni and it rains you don't want to be caught without an umbrella. Even if it's sunny outside, I don't leave home without an umbrella.

Snacks: I have to eat every 3 hours or I start to get shaky, thanks weird metabolism. So snacks for me are a must, plus uni food is very expensive. Snacks that I love for uni are apples, easy to cart around, pull it out and you're ready to go and the Uncle Toby's Oat Slice Bars in apple and cinnamon. Delicious, good for you and perfect for when you're running between classes or get hungry in the middle of a lecture.

I hope you have a wonderful semester, please share your uni essentials in the comments below.
Brie x

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