20 January 2014

My Carry-On Bag: Melbourne

carry-on bag, travelling melbourne,
I'm off to Melbourne today, right now i'm sitting in the Gold Coast airport writing this post. I'm off to Melbourne for three whole weeks, which is the most amount of time i've had off work in a very long time. I'm planning to shop, A LOT, and see my family. I chose to take my everyday bag as my carry-on bag because it's pretty darn big. And when I get to Melbourne it can be my bag for during the day. I love this bag, apart from being big enough to carry everything, it's black and has gold hardware so goes with everything. 

carry-on bag, travelling melbourne,
Inside my carry-on bag:
  • 3 magazines, because I need something to pass the time
  • Sunglasses
  • Seeing glasses (so blind at the moment)
  • Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm (great everyday colour)
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume (what i'm wearing today)
  • Mints, hand sanitizer, hand cream & mini deodorant (all needed to smell and look my best when I land)
  • My diary (a place to jot down thoughts and keep my travel documents)
  • Wallet 
  • I also packed a Uncle Toby's Oat slice bar apple & cinnamon flavoured (which I just scoffed down with a juice)

carry-on bag, travelling melbourne,
Here's me with my carry-on bag, it fits everything great, and an outfit post will be up soon with what I wore on my flight down to Melbourne.
Brie x


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