14 January 2014

Christmas Beauty, DVDs, Books & Fashion Haul

christmas haul, harry potter books and dvds
Christmas for me was amazing. I got to go home and see my family, take some time out and relax, which was very much needed. I still get presents from my amazing parents, and my relatives usually give me money. I wanted to post my Christmas presents and the things I bought with my money I received, so here they are.
I'm a nerd at heart it's true. I grew up with Harry Potter like most people my age and as I no longer live at home I am sadly without the books and DVDs. Mum and Dad, to fill this void, bought me the complete set of Harry Potter books and DVDs for Christmas. Yay.
christmas haul, the vampire diaries, sookie stackhouse, where beauty lies
The Vampire Diaries has been spoken about so much on the internet and I had never watched it, cue jaws dropping. I knew i'd probably like the show so decided to purchase the first four seasons with some Christmas money from JBHIFI, which had a sale. Don't judge me but I may have watched all four seasons in a week. Slightly in love, and now very sad I don't have Foxtel to watch the current season. Next Mum and Dad bought me the final book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I have read every book in this very long series and am now very sad it's the last one. They also got me Elle and Blair Fowler's second book in their series, Where Beauty Lies. It's a great series and I respect the business these two have created for themselves.
christmas haul, sheer lace blouse, forever new
With more of my Christmas money I bought this cute top from Forever New, where else, I think I have an addiction. I'm not usually one for high necklines but I tried it on and it just looked so good and fit great. I can't wait to style it in different ways, probably tucked in with shorts, or worn out over a pair of jeans with my leather jacket.
christmas haul, taylor swift perfume, mac blush pinch o' peach
My sister bought me the Taylor Swift gift set with her three perfumes in small sizes. A great gift, these perfumes all smell amazing. But in the Myer sales I saw Taylor's newest perfume, Taylor, in a travel set. You get this cute container and two refills. I had to pick it up as this was definitely my favourite out of the three at the moment. Next Mum and Dad got me a new MAC blush, I may have picked it out, in Pinch O' Peach. It's the perfect summer colour and I am loving it at the moment. MAC blushes have the best consistency and pigmentation.
christmas haul, lush shower gel, twilight, rose jam
Finally I got Lush's Rose Jam shower gel from Mum and Dad and I picked up Twilight just before Christmas. They both smell amazing. I love using Twilight at night because of its soothing lavender scent. Rose Jam smells like turkish delight, mmmm, sooo yummy.

Well I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your family and friends. Presents are great and I love them all but the greatest gift at Christmas is getting to spend it with the people you love. 
Brie x


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