3 January 2014

A Look Back At 2013...

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spring outfits, summer outfit, bright colours, floral dress, bright shorts, sandals
I love doing these types of posts, and after my first full year of blogging it had to be done. Looking back over my outfit posts of 2013, I definitely expanded my wardrobe and started to wear different trends. 2013 was a very big and stressful year for me both at uni and through my personal life, while 2013 was full of challenges, 2014 will be full of changes with graduation from university looming in June. 

Blogging will definitely continue to be a huge passion of mine, and obviously clothes. I haven't made any new years resolutions this year, as I could never have predicted what last year had in store for me. I'm trying to plan less, and live in the now because really some things you just can't plan.

Happy New Year and I hope 2014 is an amazing one.


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