13 November 2013

Easy Summer Breakfast: Chocolate & Banana Overnight Oats

I am someone who loves breakfast, in truth I love all meals but breakfast is the most important of the day. I love starting off the day with a big breakfast, for me this is quite large and is majorly filling. Overnight oats is packed with very nutritious foods that will keep you fuller for longer, especially helpful for the girls out there who tend to get hungry every 2-3 hours like me. It is the perfect breakfast for anyone who is short on time in the morning, whether you're running late for work or class. Apart from its health benefits this overnight oats recipe is delicious, easy and perfect for summer mornings. 

1/2 cup oats (I use traditional)
Pinch of cinnamon
Tub of Chobani greek yoghurt (plain)
2/3 cup of Blue Diamond almond breeze chocolate flavour
1 Banana

1. Add the oats, greek yoghurt, cinnamon and chocolate almond milk into a preserving/mason jar 
2. Mix together
3. Put in the fridge overnight or for at least 4 hours
4. In the morning chop up banana and add to overnight oats
5. Eat!

If this portion is too large just halve the ingredients or share it with your partner or roommate. I use chocolate almond milk instead of normal almond milk, as it helps to cover up the often tart taste of the greek yoghurt, and is delicious of course. You can also add any topping in the morning from berries to chopped fruit and nuts.

Brie x


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