6 November 2013

3 Favourite Clothing Items for Petite Girls

Everyone has different body shapes and sizes that require a different way of dressing. Being a petite girl I am one of those people out there, trying to find what suits my petite body shape best. I love clothes so I have noticed over the years what suits me best and what I just can't wear (anything with excess fabric). Below are my 3 favourite clothing items for my petite body.
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I am a huge fan of high waisted shorts, if you haven't noticed from my many posts recently, see here, here and here. High waisted shorts for me are just perfect and currently take up a large portion of the shorts section of my wardrobe. High waisted shorts elongate short legs, making them look longer and leaner (woohoo). Other than that they can be dressed up or down, and are incredibly comfortable and versatile.

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I am 151cm tall (4ft 11) which is really short, especially as i'm 22 years old and have no hope of growing anymore. Well I have made peace with that but love to add a pair of wedges or platforms when I need or want some extra height. I hate being uncomfortable, I am definitely a comfort over what's trendy kind of person. Wedges provide this, they are majorly comfortable and easy to walk in and so are platforms. Platforms are great if you want a heel but don't want the pain. Wedges and platforms are great for summer and there are so many amazing styles out at the moment.

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I love my big everyday bag that I lug to work, it carries everything but most days especially in summer I don't want to carry everything in a giant bag. As a petite person that giant bag can often be overwhelming and just too heavy. A small cross body bag is a great bag for petite girls, it's small, still fits the essentials and doesn't swamp a small frame. I tend to buy a new small bag when winter rolls around and then when summer arrives to fit in with the season. 

If you're a petite girl, let me know your favourite clothing item that suits a petite frame below.
Brie x

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