18 September 2013

Size 5 Shoes- Summer Shoe Inspiration

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 As you probably already know I am petite (151cm tall) and with that comes very small feet. Mine are a size 5 and although it's easier now to find size 5 shoes, it's still not as easy as if my feet were bigger. Some brands still do not even stock a size 5 and some brands size 5 is more like a size 6. I did a best stores to buy size 5 shoes post a year ago, which has proved to be very popular. I thought I would do a new post for the summer season's best size 5 shoes. So here are my favourite stores to buy size 5 shoes for this summer.
I am loving Lipstik Shoes latest summer shoes. They are mostly neutrals in tan, black and cream which is perfect for the summer season and are incredibly versatile. Lipstik Shoes comes in size 5 and 5.5 for some but not all shoes. Even though not all are available in a size 5, their size 6 is a small size 6, so if you are on the larger side of a size 5, the size 6 could fit you.

Novo is a long time favourite shoe store of mine. A couple of years ago when I had trouble finding size 5 shoes, Novo was one of the only stores I could find them in. They still stock a great selection of size 5 shoes, for a very reasonable price. I am very partial to their buy one get 50% off a second pair sale, which happens every couple of months. 

Famous Footwear is one of my favourite stores for cheap shoes, especially their sandals. They stock on trend shoes for a very reasonable price. Their three biggest brands in store are London Rebel, Naughty Monkey and Pied A Terre. All three brands have size 5 shoes for very reasonable prices. 
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       I recently went shopping to pick up some new summer shoes as my ones from last summer had been worn to death and needed some updating. I live in sandals for most of the summer, so when Novo had one of my favourite sales (buy one get 50% off the second pair), I picked up these two flats for the warmer weather. They are both size 5 and fit great, they are comfortable and I am loving the very slight wedge on the gold sandals with studs. When I'm not in sandals I love a good pair of wedges. Wedges are the perfect shoes for a summer day with a maxi dress or cute pair of denim cutoffs. I love tan for summer, as it's not harsh and is perfect for the warmer, sunny weather.

Before I go I thought I would give you some tips to make shoes fit, even if they are a bit loose. I swear by the Footcare gel cushions and Footcare gel heel strips. They create a tighter fit and are also extremely comfortable. 

I hope you found some size 5 shoe inspiration for summer, if you are a size 5 please let me know below your favourite stores to buy size 5 shoes,
Brie x

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