11 August 2013

Nighttime Skincare Routine- Combination Oily Skin

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I posted my morning skincare routine yesterday so for an in depth explanation of my skin please click here to see that post. My skin is combination oily, I get an oily t-zone and have pretty normal cheeks. My main skin concern is cystic acne, that I have previously got on the sides of my chin near my mouth. So here is my current nighttime skincare routine that is currently combating my breakouts.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil: I was previously using another oil cleanser but I have a sneaking suspicion its thick formula was breaking me out. After reading a lot of good reviews for this cleanse off oil I decided to give it a go. I was very drawn to the fact you could wash it off with water instead of wiping it off with a makeup pad. I LOVE THIS STUFF. It removes all my makeup very easily, even the 24hr Covergirl mascara. I massage it into my skin and over my eyes and everything just melts off. I then wash it off with some warm water and continue with my cleanser. 

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser: I did a more in depth review of this product in the morning skincare post so click through for more information. This cleanser is great for oily skin keeping it clean without over drying it. It definitely leaves my skin feeling very clean and soft, it removes oil effectively and I have noticed a difference in the amount of oil on my skin. I use this every night except for when I am using my scrub, more on that soon.

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub: I needed a scrub that would exfoliate my skin but without major harshness that could damage my skin. This one is able to be used everyday so I knew it wouldn't be too harsh. It has a mild cooling sensation when worked into the skin which is very refreshing. It does contain salicylic acid which helps to break down any pore clogging dirt, making it perfect for my skin. It has spherical beads which gently exfoliate my skin, making it smooth and glowing. I use this 3 nights a week to keep my skin smooth and my pores clean. I really enjoy using this scrub and it is perfect for my skin at the moment. 

Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mud Mask: A mask is something I had neglected to use on my skin for a while. I used to use this brand of mud masks when I was in high school so decided to venture back over to the tried and true brand. This mud mask is perfect for my skin as it has salicylic acid in it which further helps to clean out my pores. I apply this once a week and leave on for 10-15minutes, after I wash it off my skin is very glowy and feels extremely clean. An inexpensive mask that works very well at cleaning out pores and giving skin a glowing texture.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture in Sensitive Skin: I love this line of moisturisers and seem to go back to them whenever i'm having a skincare crisis. This time I picked up the one for sensitive skin as I didn't want anything irritating my already irritated skin. I use this every night after cleansing or scrubbing my skin and it soaks in amazingly. In winter I usually get dry spots on my chin but this year I have had smooth skin all year round. I'm pretty sure this is due to the Cleanse off oil and this moisturiser. It is creamy and feels amazing when I applied...and did I mention cheap. A great everyday moisturiser.

Benzac AC 5%: When I do get a spot they are usually deep and sore so not much can reach them, but this. This was recommended to me by my doctor so I picked it up. It is 5% Benzoyl Peroxide so it is strong stuff but it definitely works to get rid of spots within a couple of days, which is amazing. It is a very harsh product so reading the directions is highly recommended so you don't get dry, red skin which happened to me at the start. A good moisturiser is also a necessity to help stop redness and drying from occurring. That said if I use it now I do not get dryness as long as I only apply it at night and sparingly. Apart from the downsides, this is the best pimple cream I have used for cystic acne and clears any spots I have within a couple of days, 3 at the max.

Clinique All About Eyes: I have used this eye cream for some time now and it works fine to provide hydration to the eye area. It has a very nice consistency and soaks into the skin easily. This little jar is almost finished and I am looking for something different, so I will probably be trying out the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I am not sold on one eye cream at the moment and will spend some more time trying different ones out, so keep posted on how that goes.

I hope this was informative for those girls out there with combination oily skin and if anyone has suggestions for eyecreams please leave them below,
Brie x