31 August 2013

5 August Beauty Favourites

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This year has just flown by I cannot believe it's almost September. I am well into my last year of university, it's going so fast it's crazy. The last month has been pretty warm for what is supposed to be winter so my makeup has definitely reflected that. Here are my 5 favourite beauty products for the month of August.

1. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Brightener: My second biggest skin issue next to cystic acne is dark under eyes. No matter how much sleep I get they don't go away, it's hereditary, thanks mum. I use a great eye cream that helps with this, but have found the perfect system to also help banish them. After my eye cream I apply this brightener to the area. It really does brighten my under eyes. The salmon colour is perfect to counter act the darkness and I love the formula as it is very light.

2. Mac blush in Springsheen: I bought this blush last summer, it is a gorgeous peachy colour that has a golden shimmer in it. It is very similar to the Nars blush in orgasm. It provides a flush of peach to the cheeks and acts as a highlighter, creating a beautiful summer glow. I have used this loads and loads of times and it looks like I have never used it, a light touch goes a long way.

3. Maybelline The Falsies Everlasting in Black: I have very short eyelashes that need some help in the lengthening and volume department. This mascara is great for adding both length and volume to my short lashes. I purchased it in the everlasting formula as it is both waterproof and oil proof. It does not smudge which is awesome, especially in the warmer weather. Although it is a pain to remove, my Mac cleanse off oil makes light work of it.

4. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer in Ivory: This is the second step to my under eye routine to help hide my dark circles. This creates a finished look by applying a concealer the same shade as my skin to my under eye area. It evens out my face and is a great formula. Not too thick but thick enough to provide great coverage.

5. Maybelline Master Shape eyebrow pencil in Deep Brown: I had a spurt last year where I was tending to my brows more and filling them in but I got tired of using powder. I decided to give this pencil a go as it seemed much less time consuming than powder. It is the perfect colour to match my eyebrow colour to my hair colour and has a great waxy consistency. It is easy to apply and the spooly at the end makes it even more convenient to use. It creates full brows that look natural instead of drawn on.

Wow I just realised how much I am loving Maybelline products this month. It is probably my favourite brand so it makes sense. I hope you had a fabulous August and if you have any favourite products please leave a comment below.
Brie x

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