8 July 2013

My Winter Essentials: Clothing

My winter clothing essentials for winter, leather jacket, knitwear, singlets, jeans, boots and scarves

Like any season winter comes with its own set of essentials specific to that season. I have gone through my winter essentials for body and makeup in the past weeks. Above are my must haves to get anyone through the chillyness that is winter. 
1. Leather Jacket: Ahhh the leather jacket, whether it be faux or real this jacket can keep you warm in chilly weather but still keep you looking stylish. This season has definitely seen a surge in leather jackets adorned in studs for a more edgy look. I definitely took up this trend in an outfit post a couple of weeks ago. A leather jacket is perfect for during the day for a casual look, adding to a dress at night for more edge and everything in between.

2. Knitwear: When it's freezing cold and you have to run out to do some errands a cozy knit is the perfect choice. Paired with a pair of jeans and boots it will keep you warm and snuggly. The one above in polka dots is way cute and perfect to add some warmth into your day.

3. Layering pieces: As I live on the Gold Coast singlets are perfect for putting underneath sheer tops or more warmth under tops for the winter season. In colder climates I would probably switch these out for longer sleeved tops. I use my layering singlets under knits to add more warm, under sheer tops in both summer and winter and generally under any top that needs a little more padding to keep me warm.

4. Jeans: Finding the perfect pair of jeans sometimes requires a lot of patience and heart break. As someone who is just under 5 ft tall finding a good pair of jeans that fit my body is definitely a trying experience. I have to get all my jeans taken up, which will never change but this year I found a pair of jeans that fit perfectly (except for the length) and make me feel confident. I love the Levis legging jeans which as I have said previously are definitely not leggings just extremely tight jeans, great for boots. Whatever your favourite jeans are make sure they make you feel and look confident and incredible. 

5. Boots: Boots are kind of like jeans, they come in many different variations adorned with studs, buckles or whatever your heart desires and everyone has their own favourite pair. One of my favourite boots I own are the Steve Madden's above. They are flat, with a slight heel (which I prefer), have some edge added to them with the studs and are majorly comfy, not once did I have to apply a bandaid. Your essential winter boots should provide you with versatility, comfort and above all else keep your toes warm and free of water. 

6. Scarf: Where would our necks be without the scarf, very cold I imagine. Scarves are a great accessory for the winter season able to be put with every outfit and made in an array of colours and styles. Scarves serve many purposes from keeping you warm, to adding some texture and colour to your winter outfit.

I hope you are keeping warm and stylish this winter season and if you have any other winter essentials please leave a comment below,
Brie x


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