17 June 2013

My Winter Essentials: Body

My favourite body products for the winter season to ward away dry skin.
Winter calls for a special selection of products to ward away the on slaught of dry skin that seems to plague my life come winter. In winter I also tend to gravitate towards warm, buttery type smells that soothe my skin and my senses. To see my favourite products that keep my skin nice and soft this winter, keep reading.
1. Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture Sensitive Skin Moisturiser: Skin craves moisture in winter whether it be on your body or your face. This moisturiser is probably holy grail for me, I have gone back and forth to it over the years and it continues to soak into my skin amazingly. It is great for sensitive skin, does not break me out and provides amazing moisture with no fragrance and alcohol free amazingness.

2. Palmolive Body Butter Heavenly Vanilla Body Wash: This body wash is so luxurious feeling! It is incredibly thick, like body butter, smells amazing and provides great hydration to my skin. I just love washing my body with it, and it really is a very relaxing experience.

3. Nivea Intensive Nourishing Anti-Dryness Hand Cream: My hands suffer the most during winter, because of winter in general but because of the havoc my work places' air conditioner has on my hands. It is incredibly drying and it's not a pretty sight if I don't apply hand cream throughout the day. This one is super nourishing. It has a very warm macadamia scent and penetrates really well into my hands making them smooth and soft. 

4. Vaseline Total Moisture Dry Skin Moisturiser: After I get out of the shower I love applying a really moisturising body moisturiser to my skin. As hot water tends to dry out the skin moisturising after a hot shower in winter is a must. This moisturiser soaks into my skin and I am able to dress really quickly after applying it. I hate the feeling of moisturiser touching my pjs or against my sheets so the fact that this one dries so quickly is definitely a plus.

5. Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia: Ohhhh the smell, is all I really have to say. Okay so firstly it smells AMAZING!!! Not only that but it is so thick and creamy, and soaks into my lips leaving them very soft. I don't exactly like pots for use during the day (a bit unsanitary) but this is perfect to apply right before I go to sleep. It soaks in overnight and I wake up to soft and smooth lips.

I hope your winter is going well and your skin isn't suffering too much,
Brie x

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