31 May 2013

Mini Forever New Clothes Haul

Black leather jacket with black studs
Black leather jacket with black studs
I am in love with this leather jacket. I have been searching for one for ages but none fit me well or I was really in love with. If i'm going to spend money on a leather jacket it had to be one that I was absolutely besotted with. It is so soft and buttery feeling and the studs add some edge to the jacket. It is majorly comfy and I got in on sale!! 

Purple top with purple lace insert on shoulders
Purple top with purple lace insert on shoulders
I recently looked in my wardrobe and realised that I had hardly any long sleeve tops and the weather was getting mighty chilly. So my shopping mission was definitely long sleeve tops last Saturday. I love lace added to tops or any piece of clothing really so this top was perfect. The purple is so on trend this winter season and I love purple so it was a perfect top to add to my wardrobe. The sleeves go all the way down to my wrists so it will keep me nice and warm.
Cream top with cream lace insert on neckline
Cream top with cream lace insert on neckline
More lace...I told you I love lace. This one is in cream and I love how the lace goes across the neckline of the top. Just a perfect winter staple especially for layering. It has 3/4 long sleeves which is perfect for a sunny day but can be layered for more warmth. 
Cream jumper with sparkly thread and lace neckline
Lastly I got this cream jumper with a lace like neckline. This jumper is so warm and has shiny thread running through the fabric which is so cute. This jumper will be perfect with jeans and boots when it's freezing, it can even be layered with a jacket for more warmth. 

I hope you are having a fabulous day and are filling your wardrobes with all the fun new clothes around,
Brie x

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