15 April 2013

5 Stress Busting Tips for University Students

I am at the finishing end of my third year of a four year degree, and over the past two years I have definitely learnt how to juggle the stress of university, a job, a social life and whatever else tends to get in the way. I thought I would share some of my favourite ways to keep stress at bay, reach my goals and keep a clear head.

1. Exercise: Probably the thing that keeps my head put together the best. I go to the gym for the obvious reasons of keeping fit, healthy and toned. A very large reason is the way I feel during and after a workout. Whenever I feel stressed I know going to the gym for a run or a class will lift whatever is bothering me off my shoulders and give me a clear head to face the situation head on.

2. Sleep: A restorative sleep can be extremely beneficial when I am stressed out. At university sleep is sometimes hard to come by, especially really restful sleep without getting woken up or no sleep at all when you're cramming for an exam. I try to get at least 8 hours a night of really restful sleep. Getting woken up by noises really frustrates me and if you live in a loud environment sleeping with a fan on helps to blur the noise a bit.

3. Healthy eating: Healthy eating is good for everyone, especially when you are living a busy life as a university student. Having a balanced, healthy meal full of nutrients helps to keep sickness at bay and just makes you feel good. If you are feeling well and healthy, it is easier to deal with life's challenges and personally I feel less stressed.

4. Planning: I am a planning freak, I have everything planned out for the month, when assessments are due, when and what I plan to blog, work and any other things I have to account for. Having some form of planner, whether it be a calendar on your phone, a physical planner or a monthly planner sheet like I have, knowing what needs to be done and when, really helps me to be organised and stress less.

5. Laughter: You can do all of the above things which all help me to stress less at university but laughter is the one thing that can instantly take my mind off any stress and feel lighter. Life & university  are stressful places but having people to laugh with is (I think) one of the most important things to not only de-stress but just to live a healthy life.

I hope these stress busting tips help you stress less during university,
Brie x

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