29 April 2013

5 April Beauty Favourites

5 favourite beauty products for the month of April: Chanel, Maybellin & Nivea

I know I say this every month but wow, April went fast, as does every month these days. Well I hope you had a fabulous April and here are my 5 favourite beauty items for the month of April.

1. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation B10: This has been in my favourites many times since I purchased it last year, but it is amazing. I have been loving the light texture and SPF in it this month. Unfortunately it is still hot on the Gold Coast so the light texture is great for the weather as is the SPF it contains. An overall great foundation that I love, love, love.

2. Maybelline color sensational lipstick in Make Me Pink: Although it is still rather warm, I have been willing it to get cooler with this lipstick. A great lipstick in general but am loving the pinky mauve colour. It is a great autumn/winter colour and goes with all my new season clothes. This will definitely be my go to lipstick for the cooler weather.

3. Maybelline the falsies mascara (waterproof): I purchased this lipstick but not in waterproof a couple of months ago and hated the formula, but I thought I would try the waterproof version and love it. The formula is great, not too runny or clumpy and holds a curl great. My lashes are quite tiny and this really lengthens and adds volume to them.

4. Maybelline color sensational gloss in Glisten Up Pink: A gorgeous lip colour for the cooler seasons when it arrives and a great formula, not sticky and lasts quite a while. It is a baby pink with a lot of shine to it, perfect for a dreary day. It also has amazing pigment and a very rich colour.

5. Nivea Lip butter in Vanilla & Macadamia: I don't usually like lip butters in a tub as I think it's a bit unsanitary but I use this at night before I go to sleep and it is amazing. It is great at moisturising my lips overnight and smells incredible. It is very thick and buttery to provide great moisture especially overnight whilst you are sleeping.

I hope you had an amazing April and if you have any favourite beauty products please leave a comment below,
Brie x

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