8 March 2013

University accommodation decor...

The start of the university year has just gone underway and whether you're a first year student or coming back for your final year, bedroom decor is always an important thing. I find if you have a great space you enjoy being in doing university work becomes a lot easier. Below I have photos of two university accommodation bedrooms. The first one is a first year room (my sisters) and my room is the third year room. 
First year university accommodation decor.
First year university accommodation bedrooms should be all about colour and having fun. I love the colourful chevron print bedding my sister chose. The bed is always a focal point in a bedroom and by making it colourful and covered in pillows it is a more inviting place to hang out. Ikea furniture is a great way to add to a furnished room, like the Ikea Expedit bookcase my sister has chosen. It provides extra storage for makeup, books, DVD's and is a great piece of furniture as you grow. 
Third year university accommodation decor
As a third year student I have amassed a lot of stuff over the past two years of university, so a lot of storage is a very necessary thing for me. Ikea is a great place for relatively cheap furniture in a variety of colours. My Ikea Alex 5 drawer unit is perfect for storing my makeup and any clothing I am currently not wearing. Jewellery storage is also a must for keeping my room clean and organised. I have chosen furniture to add to the already furnished room that I can take with me when I graduate and move into normal accommodation. Again my bed is definitely the focal point of my room and everything else is centred around the purple in my quilt cover. 

I hope this gives you some decor ideas for your uni accommodation,
Brie x


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