27 March 2013

5 favourite makeup brushes

This is my most favourite powder brush. It's big, bushy and soft. It applies powder perfectly and is just a really easy brush to use. It is also very dense so sometimes I use it to buff out my blush.  
When I first started to use makeup brushes to apply my foundation I used a normal foundation brush but this Sigma Sigmax brush is beyond amazing. It gives a flawless airbrushed look on your skin and definitely buffs it in leaving no marks or streaks. The one thing that is annoying is cleaning it but I have recently found a great solution, called the Daiso sponge and puff cleaner. It's not readily available in Australia but I ordered it online off ebay with no problems and it is incredibly amazing.
 This blush brush is the perfect size for applying blush to my cheeks. It fits perfectly and is dense enough to pick up enough blush and apply it perfectly.
 My amazing Mac shader brush. The best sized shader brush I have found for my relatively small eyes. I also love the density of it and how easily it packs on eyeshadow. 
This brush is perfect for applying highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes. It's the perfect size and density. 

That's my favourite brushes for applying my everyday basic makeup.
I hope you are having a fabulous day,
Brie x

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