23 January 2013

Sweat-proof summer makeup

Maybelliner color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, Revlon colorstay foundation in combination/oily skin, Maybelline dream matte powder, Too faced shadow insurance, Covergirl lash blast volume waterproof mascara

As a girl who has combination/oily skin, summer can be a trying time in the makeup department. This summer I have finally found some great makeup products that stay on the skin all day or help other makeup stay put. 

Face: Revlon colorstay foundation in combination/oily skin has saved my oily skin this summer. It does not move, budge or slide off. It is definitely a full coverage foundation and makes my skin look flawless, covering up all my imperfections. On top of this foundation I use my Maybelline dream matte powder, to give even more staying power to my foundation. 

Eyes: Apart from my foundation sliding off my face in summer the next place makeup shifts is the eye area. Eye makeup affected by the summer heat can leave those of us with oily skin looking creased and panda like, which is not a very enjoyable thing. I have two products to keep eyeshadows staying put all day long, Too Faced shadow insurance, which I use under eyeshadow to keep it creasing and the Maybelline color tattoos. The color tattoos can either be used alone as an eyeshadow or underneath other eyeshadows. They, like the shadow insurance, do not move and keep any eyeshadows you put on top staying put.
The best mascara I have found that combats smudging during the summer is the Covergirl Lash blast volume waterproof mascara. I can wear this mascara all day and it will not smudge above or below my eyes. 

I hope you have found this helpful and your makeup stays smudge proof this summer,
Brie x

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