12 November 2012

Small space organisation

I live in University accommodation so the space I have is sometimes limited. Over the years I have found several ways to help keep small spaces organised and looking there best.

As a uni student I have accumulated a lot of textbooks and old note books, and they seem to end up placed in piles around my room. I hate mess and having things everywhere, so instead of letting them pile up I have found the perfect solution...under bed storage. It is out of sight but still nice and organised. This one from Kmart cost $16 and is big enough to fit plenty of old textbooks and notebooks.

Under the sink is another one of those places junk seems to pile up and samples get thrown wherever they fit. I try to clean out under my sink a couple of times a year to get rid of any bottles I no longer use and bottles of products that have expired. I also recently put a small 3 draw organiser in to hold any small samples so they don't make under my sink look messy. You can buy them from various stores including Kmart, Target and Howards Storage World.
 Freedom organiser shelves, 1. Lip stick holder, 2. Makeup draws, 3. Target: Purple boxes

Last but certainly not least is my favourite kind of storage, makeup storage. I have been perfecting my makeup storage of late so I thought I would show you how I store my makeup. The 2 main white storage shelves are from Freedom furniture and look so nice and polished to store everything in and on. I love storing my makeup in clear, either acrylic or plastic containers so I can still see everything. The makeup draws aren't specifically for makeup and are from Officeworks but at $15 are much cheaper than acrylic makeup draws and still look nice. Lastly, these 2 purple boxes from Target are perfect for hiding anything you don't want out in the open and to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

I hope you are having a fabulous day,
Brie x

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