17 October 2012

What's in my bag?

I love looking at What's in my bag posts, so I thought i'd open up my bag for you all.

1. My bag is from Kate Hill and I got it on special in January sales at the start of this year. It's the perfect size and is great for lugging around all my stuff.

2. My wallet is also Kate Hill. I got it at the same time as my bag and I think it's really cute. I love the quilted and bow details. It is big enough to hold everything but not so big I end up with useless stuff in it.

3. A selection of lipbalms, Nivea are my favourite, a Clinique superbalm lipgloss and a Palmer's Cocoa butter hand cream. Great for on the go, especially at work when my hands get super dry. Also I have some sample size Kleenex anti-bacterial wipes, to keep my hands clean during the day.

4. My glasses, which I am needing to rely on more and more.They are Burberry and i've had them for several years and keep switching out the lenses as my eyes get worse and worse. They are nice and simple, black and haven't really aged much.

5. Wrigley's eclipse mints are powerful and great for on the go. I don't leave home without them.

6. My sunglasses are relatively new and inexpensive. I seem to crush sunglasses so I try not get any that are too expensive. These ones fit my face perfectly and are a classic rectangle shape.

7. My Iphone 4, which needs upgrading to the Iphone 5 but I am waiting for my contract to run out. Without my phone I would be lost and I have a cute polkadot cover on it.

I hope you are having a fabulous day,
Brie x

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