24 October 2012

Mini (Forever New) clothes and accessories haul

You will have already seen this bag in one of my recent blog posts. It's so fun and colourful for summer and I know it's going to become one of my staples for the sunny season. 

I am slightly in love with this dress. When I first saw it I thought hmm orange, don't know if that will work. But the colours are gorgeous and I especially love the pink spiked belt which adds some edge and detail to the dress. 

This white lace top doesn't look like much but it's not really the colour that I was drawn to. The back splits open from about halfway down my back and just adds something to this fairly bland top. It shows just the right amount of skin. 

Where can you go wrong with a pair of dark denim shorts and they came with this super cute brown belt which I had been lacking. They are comfy, stretchy and will go with everything. 

Okay so I realise everything is from Forever New, which I assure you I did not mean to do. Oh well this will display my love for the brand and encourage me to branch out into more stores. So this is what I have been buying lately it's a collective haul as I did not buy these clothes and accessories at the same time.

Well I hope you are having a fabulous day,
Brie x



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