10 October 2012

4 must have fashion career books

I'm one of those people that love reading books that takes me into the world of people, whose job I would love one day. I'm also one of those people who have 3 majors and every semester my mind changes as to what I want to do after I graduate, all I know is I want to work in fashion. A dream held by so many young women. I thought I would share 4 of my favourite books that takes you into different parts of the fashion industry.

1. The Teen Vogue Handbook: My first fashion career related book I bought. A great look inside the world of magazines and the many facets that make it up, from the designers, to the editors, to the models and through to beauty. It provides really informative views from people working within those fields and takes you through what their jobs entail. In my opinion a fantastic book for anyone interested in working in magazines.

2. If you have to cry go outside and other things your mother never told you by Kelly Cutrone: This book goes through Kelly's life in the fashion PR industry. The books tells of Kelly's life both personally and professionally. It gives you a real guide to what it really takes to make it in the fashion industry. A great read about her life and fashion PR.

3. The PR couture guide to breaking into fashion PR by Crosby Noricks: Another book that takes you into the world of fashion PR but in a more educational way. This book goes through fashion PR right from the start, explaining what it is, what is involved and how to get there. It goes through many areas such as education, internships, interviews, reputation and the journey. The book also provides quotes from leading people in their fields, to give you even more practical knowledge about the fashion PR industry. A fantastic book for anyone who wants to know the ins and outs of fashion PR and how to get where you want to be.

4. Blogging your way to the front row by Yuli Ziv: As a blogger I absolutely love the information presented in this book. I bought this book when I first started blogging to gain more knowledge in the area. Yuli Ziv's book provides a great journey for the reader starting from planning your blog, to content, to relationships, to ways of monetizing your blog. The book goes through how to make your blog into a business and what it takes to get there. A must read for any fashion blogger, whether the blog be a hobby or something you want to turn into a business.

I hope you enjoyed some insight into these books,
Brie x

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