1 September 2012

5 August Favourites

1. Nivea repair and protection lip bam: This lip balm comes with me everywhere especially because August was the last month of winter and my lips were extremely dried out. It provides great moisture and also has SPF 20 great for the Gold Coast where winter isn't exactly winter.

2. Nivea Intensive nourishing hand cream: I work in a very air conditioned environment and winter has definitely taken its toll on my hands. I have been using this every night before bed and my hands love it. It soaks in really nicely and provides great moisture.

3. St Ives Naturally soothing Oatmeal and shea butter moisturiser: As you can see i'm on a moisturising kick this month, my skin along with my lips and hands has been really dry too because of the winter weather. I love this body lotion as it is really moisturising and soaks in really well into the skin.

4. Dove daily moisture shampoo and conditioner: And the moisturising theme continues. Great shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair from everyday wear and tear. It provides just the right amount of moisture to keep my hair shiny, especially since I have been straightening my hair so often.

5. Simple kind to skin facial cleansing wipes: I swapped to using these facial wipes this month because I felt like trying something new and had heard the simple brand was good. I really enjoy using them, they have an uneven feel which really helps to wipe away my makeup at the end of the day. 

I hope you enjoyed what I have been loving for the month of August,
Brie x


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