24 August 2012

Organising a small wardrobe

I live in university accommodation and wardrobe space is limited. So I have compiled my favourite ways to get more out of a tiny wardrobe or room.

I love this bag hanger. If I didn't have this my handbags would be scattered around an already small room, so having them all together really helps on the space side of things. I bought this bag hanger from Target for under $10 for a larger version there is this one from Howards Storage world, which can hold 14 bags.

These belt holders are also from Target and were around $5 each. They are meant to hold belts but I use one to hold my scarves. They are also a very inexpensive way to store these items and keep them all in one place.

Another space saving tip I have it to use the vertical height of the room. I bought this shoe rack, which has 3 rungs from Freedom. Instead of having shoes all over the floor it keeps them in one space and takes up minimal room. It can also be added to making it even higher by purchasing another shoe rack.

There is one last item that I will be purchasing soon to help organise my closet even further which is a 4 tier trouser hanger from Howards Storage World. As we move into the warmer months I will use it to put my jeans on that I will not be wearing as much. It will save me more space and provide more room for more clothes.

I hope you are having a fabulous day and if you have any space saving techniques please leave a comment below.
Brie x

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