4 August 2012

Best stores to buy size 5 shoes

Shoe rack: Freedom

Buying size 5 shoes has been a big problem for me over the years. Many brands don't even make shoes in a size 5 and for someone who loves shoes as much as me this is a problem. I imagine there are other women who have the same problem, so I have compiled some of the best shoe stores and brands that stock size 5 shoes.

These are my current favourite winter shoes. The first two pairs of shoes, by Pulp and Lipstik, are both size 6 but both these brands run a little small so I am able to get away with buying them in the larger size. The second selection of shoes from Novo are all size 5. I find Novo is a great and relatively inexpensive place to get size 5 shoes. Most of the time they have them in stock and I have rarely been told they didn't have the shoes I wanted in a size 5.

These are my collection of sandals at the moment. All of these shoes are a size 5 and I find they fit true to size. As you can tell by the London Rebel sandals I have a slight obsession with the bow and pearl style sandals. I have them in most colours available just because they are so cute and fit really well. London Rebel and Naughty Monkey are stocked at Famous Footwear and are inexpensive starting at around $20 a pair. London Rebel is also available at stand alone stores.

Finally is my collection of heels. As you can see Novo makes a reappearance as they have some great heels as well. I find that size 5 shoes are getting bigger, which is quite annoying so you can see I pad out my shoes with gel inserts. Most Wittner shoes can be purchased in sizes as low as 35 and fit great. Forever New also sells shoes in a size 5 I find them to be bigger than most other size 5 shoes though, so I did have to use gel inserts in these sandals to make them fit correctly. I also find that Forever New rarely has stock of size 5 shoes in store but their online store is usually well stocked.

I hope you found this post helpful and if you have any questions please leave a comment below.
Brie x

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