28 July 2012

What's in my uni bag?

 Uni bag: Colette by Colette Hayman

This is the bag I take to uni everyday. You would have seen it in my haul I did last week after my big shopping day. It is big enough to carry my notepad and course profiles and everything else you will see later in this post. It is also a really classic black tote bag, with cute quilted details and goes with everything.

I have a big Pukka pad which has dividers in it for each subject, I also have a folder (the purple one) which has clear plastic sleeves in it where I put all my course profiles for the semester so I can have them with me at uni. The last book is my blog inspiration book (the pink one). I use this for writing down any blog ideas I have whilst at uni.

Now for all the little items I carry around with me. I have my pink umbrella just incase I get caught in the rain, it is such a pretty colour. I then have my Burberry reading glasses and infront of those my Sportsgirl sunglasses. I always carry around some type of bar incase I get hungry in between classes, in this case its a Kellogg's bar. Then at the back I have my Kate Hill wallet, which is so cute with the little bow and quilted detail. Lastly I have my pens, highlighter, mints and my Covergirl nature luxe lip balm in the colour Tulip.

I hope you enjoyed this post of what's in my uni bag. If anyone has any requests for posts please email me or post a comment below.

Brie x

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