What's in my Travel Makeup Bag

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Even when I'm travelling I still like to feel put together and a bit more alive looking, than if I went without makeup. I have a pretty simple everyday makeup routine as it is, but for travelling I just switch out a few products for more travel friendly ones, that are easy to use, and transport from place to place.


10 Reasons to Travel Europe in Winter

10 reason to travel europe in winter, 10 reasons to visit europe in winter

I've travelled to Europe in winter twice now, and loved both times a lot. While a European summer holiday is some people's idea of fun, I'm a big fan of visiting in winter. Apart from not being a summer kind of person, there's also a bunch of advantages to travelling Europe in winter.

Carry On Travel Essentials

carry on travel essentials, long haul flight carry on essentials

In 2 weeks time I'll be taking off on another adventure. I'll be heading over to England, Scotland and Ireland for 3.5 weeks, and to say I can't wait is an understatement. Flying for 24 hours across to the other side of the globe is extremely tiring, drying on the skin and can be boring. Luckily this is the 4th time I've flow across the globe and have this whole long haul travelling thing down. Above, are all the items that will be in my carry on travel bag that I cannot live without on a long haul flight.


How to save money for travel

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Having money saved to go travelling is essential no matter where you're travelling to or for how long. The amount of money you need obviously depends on a lot of things from where you're going, to where you'll be sleeping, the food you want to eat and the things you want to do. There isn't a specific amount of money I can say you'll need for your travels, as everyone's travels are so different. I can however hopefully help you out with some specific ways you can save money for travel.

10 Solo Female Travel Tips

10 solo female travel tips, travel insurance
The first time I ever travelled solo overseas I was 18 and fresh out of High School. While I had travelled overseas once before it was with my family. I will never forget the excitement and terror I felt as I walked down to my gate to fly to London, all by myself. 

I'm an anxious person in my day to day life so travelling always kicks it up a notch, especially when I'm travelling by myself. There are a few things I do though that help to make me feel a little less anxious as I travel by myself overseas, and some general tips for solo females travelling overseas.


6 Destinations On My Travel Wishlist

Travel has been the love of my life since I first left Australia by myself at 18 to spend a month travelling around Europe. The mixed emotions of fear and complete excitement as I walked to my gate to fly off to an unknown country, all by myself, I will never forget. Even today after travelling to various countries around the world I still get that same fear and excitement I got at 18, flying off into the unknown. 

The quote, "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list" by Susan Sontag, really resonates with me and I'm sure most people who are obsessed with travelling. Below are the 6 destinations currently on my travel wishlist, but really there are so many more.

6 destinations on my travel wishlist, Cambodia, India, Slovenia, Jordan, Norway, Russia, Temples of Angkor Wat, Taj Mahal, Petra, Geirangerfjord, Church on the spilled blood, Lake Bled, Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist

Postcards from Contiki Great Britain and Ireland

postcards from contiki great britain and ireland, contiki
Buckingham Palace - London
In June 2016 I went travelling again on another Contiki, this was my third Contiki trip so you can definitely tell I'm a huge fan. If you'd like to see pictures the Contiki Winter Wanderer trip click here.
Below are my favourite images from that trip through England, Scotland and Ireland, and hopefully with inspire you to go travelling through the region.